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Altoids Spearmint 50g

Art.No.: 1971 Product number: 022000159311
Manufacturer: Altoids
Availability: Ready to ship
89 Kč , plus Shipping

In Store Availability

In Store Availability:

Prague 2 na dotaz
Prague 5 na dotaz
Prague 6 na dotaz
Plzeň na dotaz
České Budějovice na dotaz
Pardubice na dotaz
Hradec Králové na dotaz
Brno na dotaz
Liberec na dotaz
Ústí nad Labem na dotaz


Altoids Spearmint 50g

Minty mints!


Sugar, Natural Flavors (Oil of Spearmint), Gum Arabic, Gelatin, Colors (Blue 1, Yellow 5).

Weight 0.05 kg
County of origin USA
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