We have a gift for you! With an order up to 200,- you will receive a Reese's Egg 34 g, with an order over 200,- you will receive Reese's Egg King Size 68 g. Don't forget to choose it in your shopping basket :)


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Shipping methods

Delivery in Prague for orders over 1000 Kč: FREE

Delivery in Prague for orders under 1000 Kč: 99 Kč

Delivery in Brno for orders over 500 Kč: FREE

Delivery in Brno for orders under 500 Kč: 99 Kč

DPD to ČR + payment on delivery: 119Kč

DPD to ČR + payment via wire transfer: 89Kč

DPD to ČR + payment via PayPal: 104Kč

DPD to ČR + payment via GOPAY: 89Kč

DPD to ČR for all orders over 2000 Kč: FREE

DPD to Slovakia + payment on delivery: 259Kč

DPD to Slovakia + payment via PayPal : 259Kč

DPD to Slovakia + payment via GOPAY : 229Kč

DPD to Slovakia + payment via wire transfer: 229Kč

ZÁSILKOVNA: For orders with a total weight of under 5kg, you can choose to pick up your order at one of the Zásilkovna branches all over Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can find a list of available branches here: www.zasilkovna.cz/seznam-vydejnich-mist

Zásilkovna to ČR + payment via wire transfer: 49Kč

Zásilkovna to ČR + payment via GOPAY: 49Kč

Zásilkovna to ČR + payment on delivery/collection: 79Kč

Zásilkovna to ČR + payment via PayPal: 64Kč

Zásilkovna to ČR for all orders over 2000 KčFREE!

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment via GOPAY: 90Kč

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment via wire transfer:  90Kč

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment on delivery: 110Kč

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment via Paypal: 110Kč

If you choose to collect at one our stores, this is free of charge!

Delivery of frozen goods only takes place in Prague via our own personal delivery service.

In case of bulk orders that need to be shipped via pallet service, extra charges will apply but will always be coordinated by phone or email prior to shipment.