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Knorr The Beef Cube 80g

Art.No.: 12947 Product number: 5000184161066
Manufacturer: Knorr
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Knorr The Beef Cube 80g

Beef stock cubes.


Salt, vegetable fats (palm, shea butter, sal butter), potato starch, sugar, beef extract (4%), yeast extract, flavourings, onion powder, caramel syrup, maltodextrin, parsley, carrots, spices (parsley roots, celery seeds).

Nutrition information:

Typical values per 100g:

Energy 27KJ/7kcal, fat <0,5g, saturates 0,3g, carbohydrates <0,5g, sugars <0,5g, fiber <0,5g. protein <0,5g, salt 0,97g

Country Of Origin Great Britain
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