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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 - Candy-store.cz    Like every year, you can pre-order your fresh meat or other essential products necessary for your Thanksgiving celebration. More info below.



 Thanksgiving 2016

Fresh whole turkey (approx. 7kg, 119Kč/kg) - 833

Turkey crown (approx. 3kg, breast with skin and bone, 219Kč/kg) – 657

Turkey breast - 229Kč/kg

Turkey roll with sausage meat stuffing - 240Kč/kg

American bacon to cover the turkey - (approx. 250g pack, 269Kč/kg) - 67

Sausage meat to stuff the turkey - (approx. 500g tray, 159Kč/kg) - 80

Fresh sausages – (approx. 500g tray, 199Kč/kg) – 100

Sage and onion stuffing 380g (2x190g) - 139

Sage and onion stuffing 190g - 75

Turkey gravy granules 170g - 79

Ocean spray cranberry sauce wholeberry - 250g - 89

Ocean spray cranberry sauce smooth 250g - 89

Ocean Spray cranberry juice 1 litre – 75

Ocean Spray Craisins 150g – 99

Baking buddy canned pumpking 425g – 79 Kc


We will have fresh turkeys available on the 23rd and 24th of November for customers who are celebrating on Thursday 24th. For customers who are celebrating at the weekend we will have more turkeys available on the 25th and 26th. It is better to order the turkey in advance but of course we do our best to satisfy late orders. Orders can be collected from either Prague 2 – Londýnská or Prague 6 - Dejvice. It is necessary to pre-order your turkey via our email or directly in store!



If you wish to have your turkey delivered, we advise you to order your turkey directly from www.robertson.cz. Unfortunately, this year, it will not be possible to combine the turkey with dry products for delivery. Dry products can be purchased in the shops or seperately online at www.candy-store.cz. For pick up, combining the two is of course no problem.