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General Terms and Condtions

1. Basic Provisions 
These general conditions apply to the services provided by the online store "The Candy Store" at www.candy-store.cz., which is operated by Full Care sro, IC: 27254011, registered at Londýnská 309/81, 120 00, Prague 2 (from hereon „the seller“). 

The seller is registered under File No. C 107917 with the Municipal Court in Prague. 
The seller is a VAT payer. (VAT CZ27254011) 

2. Goods 
Goods are divided into two categories: 
- Fresh food 
- Packaged foods 

Each item has its own specifications (product code, name, unit price, type of packaging, durability ...) which are listed on the packaging. 

In terms of warranty condistions there are two basic categories: 
a. fresh (in most cases it is necessary to keep products at temperatures between 4-8 degrees Celsius throughout the transport chain). This especially with the cakes and pies. The buyer is obliged to store the goods according to the conditions listed above. Failure to comply with these conditions will result in claims not being taken for consideration. 
b.packaged - Each item has a different shelf life and is always marked on the packaging durability. The buyer is obliged to store the goods according to the conditions specified on the packaging. . Failure to comply with these conditions will result in claims not being taken for consideration. 

3. Prices 
The seller sells the goods for the offered price, including value added tax. By closing an order the buyer expresses his or her consent to the price. Later complaints will not be accepted. Prices of individual products can be reduced based on volume. 
Prices are valid unless a special agreement is signed, in CZK, incl. VAT. Shipping and handling are billed separately, including VAT.

4. Ordering system 
Orders placed through the online store at www.candy-store.cz. The buyer gains access to the online system either as a registred (with username and password) or as an unregistered user. The buyer receives his or her username and password by email after registering online. When an order is placed, the buyer receives an order overview and confirmation by e-mail. He or she is then informed about the order status. 

5. Deliveries
The customer is notified by e-mail or telephone regarding the order and delivery status. When using the services of a carrier, orders are delivered within 4 to 5 working days in the Czech Republic and from 4 to 7 working days to Slovakia.

Delivery in Prague for orders over 1000 Kč: FREE!

Delivery in Prague for orders under 1000 Kč: 99Kč 

Delivery in Brno for orders over 1000 Kč: FREE!

Delivery in Brno for orders under 1000 Kč: 89Kč 

DPD to Czech Republic + payment on delivery: 110Kč

DPD to Czech Republic + payment via wire transfer before shipping: 85 Kč

DPD to Czech Republic for all orders over 2000 Kč: FREE

DPD to Slovakia + payment on delivery: 244Kč

DPD to Slovakia + payment via wire transfer before shipping: 219 Kč

ZÁSILKOVNA: When ordering up to 5 kilograms, you can choose from the pick-up list fo the best place to pick up your order. You can find a list of places at www.zasilkovna.cz/seznam-vydejnich-mist 

Zásilkovna to Czech Republic + payment on delivery: 80 Kč

Zásilkovna to Czech Republic + payment via wire transfer before shipping: 55 Kč

Zásilkovna to Czech Republic for all orders over 2000 CZK: FREE!

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment on delivery: 135 Kč 

Zásilkovna to Slovakia + payment via wire transfer before shipping: 110 Kč

When selecting pick-up at The Candy Store the fee does not apply.


With Zasilkovna, we send your goods to a pick up point that  you can choose from the list at http://www.zasilkovna.cz/seznam-vydejnich-mist/. You will be notified when the goods will be ready for you to pick up - usually within 3 days of your order.

What is the delivery time?

Order delivery is made within 5 days to the Czech Republic and within 1 week to Slovakia. We’ll send you a confirmation email with the expected delivery date after your order is processed. For quicker deliveries, contact us directly at +420 777 018 998 or info@candy-store.cz.

6. Order Confirmation 
In the moment of booking the buyer receives an e-mail confirming receipt of your order for processing. If any ordered items are not in stock, the buyer will be notified. At this moment a contract is considered to be valid for the delivery of the ordered goods.

7. Payment 
The minimum purchase value via the online store is 0, - CZK including VAT, excluding transport and handling. 

The buyer can pay for goods in the following ways: 

a. Cash at the store
The Buyer accepts the goods in person at the store, checks their amounts and receives a receipt for the ordered goods 

b. bank transfer 
This payment shall be made before shipment of goods, the Buyer will then receive a payment confirmation and will be informed about the order status.

c. Cash on delivery 
Payment can be made upon delivery of the goods by the carrier. This particular payment method applies only to orders over 100CZK. 

The payment method is part of the online order process – one method must be chosen.

8. Cancellations 
In the event that the buyer for any reason decides to cancel the order, he must immediately telephone or notify the seller via e-mail. If the order is canceled at least 24 hours before its delivery to be subject to the no cancellation fees. In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before delivery, the buyer will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the value of the goods. 
In case of refusal to accept the goods without a given reason from the buyer, the buyer must pay the shipping costs in their full amount plus pay a penalty of 30% of the value of the goods. 

9. Order cancellation by the seller 
1.The seller has the right to cancel the order or a part of it in the event that the goods are ceased to be produced by their producer, are no longer available for import to the Czech market or significantly increase in their price. In these cases, however, the buyer will be contacted by telephone or e-mail and will be offered compensation in the form of a comparable product ordered. If the buyer does not accept this offer, the product(s) will be removed from the order. 

10. Ownership rights 
The parties agree that the buyer does not acquire ownership of the goods until full payment for the goods is made. Full payment of the purchase price is considered to be the purchase price including VAT. When paying for the goods by bank transfer, payment is considered to have been made when the full payment is credited to the sellers bank account.

11. Returns
For goods purchased through the online store, the buyer - not an enterprise but a physical person – has the right to return goods without any reason within 14 days of their receipt In case of food goods this is 8 days. 

a. late delivery 
If delivery is delayed for the following reasons: 
- Vehicle accident of the carrier 
- Complicated climatic and weather conditions (snow, storms, etc.) 
the seller is not responsible for the delivery delay, but if delivery is delayed due to the poor organization of logistics, the seller bears the responsibility for the delay and will offer compensation to the buyer. 

b. missing goods 
The seller puts more importance on keeping the agreed delivery date before the delivery of a complete order. This can in exceptional cases lead to an order not being delivered in its entirety due to production or delivery problems from the side of the producer / distributor. The seller will always inform the buyer about such an occurance before any goods are shipped out. This information will be included in the delivery note and invoice. 

c. faulty goods 
Due to the nature of food products it is recommended that the buyer checks the goods upon delivery to check their quality. If the goods for any reason do not correspond with the goods ordered (different amount, different packaging, different product than ordered, different quality, different expiration date ....) the buyer is obliged to immediately inform the seller of this. When returning goods it is necessary to write a complaint letter stating all the findings. Based on the complaint letter the seller will refund the buyer the full or partial amount of the claimed goods. The claimed goods must be packed in suitable shipping containers as the seller is not liable for any mechanical damage prior to acceptance of goods. 

12. Force Majeure 
In the case of force majeure events, conditions arising in labor disputes and unforeseen events that supply seems difficult or impossible (eg, fire, failure of machinery and equipment, lack of energy and raw materials, currency and trade events, and general acts of God, damage to transportation routes, etc. ) and it does not matter whether these events affect the seller directly or its suppliers – it gives the seller the right to extend the delivery date by a period corresponding to these influences.